Apex Films, LLC 

Crenshaw Heights Productions, LLC 

A well known production company that specializes in music productions, composition, and television and movie productions.  Apex Films/CHP has worked diligently over the past 19 years to stay atop of a forever evolving music and film industry.  Our mission is to keep a diversified audience satisfactorily entertained through the quality services we provide.  Founded by Mr. Donald D. Crenshaw Jr. in 1995, CHP is solidly connected to some of today's extraordinarily gifted entertainers and producers throughout the world.  Our business affiliations expand far beyond the borders of the United States of America.  

Apex Films/CHP is staffed with an outstanding team of producers, composers, engineers, lyricists, treatment and script writers - whose talents, skills and expertise have been utilized in the production of many successful projects. 

Crenshaw Heights Productions, LLC has a uniquely DYNAMIC catalog of more than one hundred sound tracks AVAILABLE to suit any music and movie genre in the industry. 

      Crenshaw Heights Productions     


PRODUCTIONS Endeavors...

CHRISTMAS AT THE GREY HOURS INN: Producer of Sound & Audio, Mixer, Boom Operator.

FIRST 24:Producer of Sound & Audio, Mixer, Boom Operator.

PANDORA MEDIA: Producer of Sound & Audio on Artist Capture featuring "Common".


KINSHIP: Executive Producer, Co Director, Script Editor, Videographer, ADR, Sound & Audio, Sound Corrections, and Music Supervisor.

A SACRIFICE: Executive Producer, Treatment Writer, Script Writer, Producer, Director, ADR, Music Supervisor and Sound Corrections.

HOME: Script Writer, Executive Producer, Director, Videographer, Music Supervisor,  Sound & Audio.

CONNECTED: Treatment Writer, Script Writer, Producer, Director. 

SERAPHIM: Producer, Director, Sound & Audio 

CAM NEWTON PHILANTHROPIST: Documentary: Producer and Videographer

SECRET SOCIETIES OF SLAVERY: Producer, Sound Corrections Engineer  

THE HAIR AFFAIR:  Executive Producer, Producer & Productions Manager

STOMP THE YARD (aka) Step Show: Co-Treatment Writer

FAMILY CURSE: Associate Producer

Television Shows: 
The Ortega Show

Dr. Ron Unscripted: Creator, Executive Producer, Director
Atlanta Homicide: Co-Producer 
BET Gospel
Atlanta Live


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